Salah For Muslims In the Light of The Holy Quran

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Salah is most important part of Muslim\'s life. According to Islamic Sharia, we ought to be offer the Namaz five times a day. You can read out here th..


Supplier of silica gel for preparative chromatography

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Preparative chromatography is widely used as the purification process using the liquid chromatography. The aim of preparative chromatography is isolat..


Supplier of silica gel for analytical chromatography

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Analytical is the chromatographic technique based on the separation of solvents. We are the supplier of chromatography for standard analytical process..


Supplier of silica gel for thin layer chromatography

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TLC is the best chromatography technique used to isolate non-volatile mixture from chemicals. This process is much faster as compared to column chroma..


Supplier of silica gel for flash chromatography

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Flash chromatography is preferred for various applications due to its quicker separating ability and more reproducible as compared to traditional colu..


Swambe chemicals

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SWAMBE CHEMICALS is truly specializing in silica gel and its allied products. The company was founded in 1973 by Mr.R.D.Vachanni, with an aim & de..


Chromatography Adsorbents

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The adsorbents such as Silica gel and alumina are commonly used for column chromatography. Swambe Chemicals offers range of adsorbents used for column..


silica gel dehumidifier packet suppliers

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Swambe Chemicals manufactures and supplies world-class silica gel which is DMF free, non-toxic and gives highly positive results for the dehumidificat..


Oxygen Absorbers for baby food storage

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Placing baby food items in storage alongside oxygen absorber sachets will also ensure that no pests will harm the baby food. oxygen absorbers keep bab..


Oxygen Absorbers for beef jerky

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Using oxygen absorbers can also be a great way of maximizing the shelf life of the beef jerky. Discuss your requirement with us on 9879203377 or can a..